Sunday, April 24, 2011

For the birds...

I was able to have the window open wide today (with a screen in place) and they were very noisy. And loud. I sometimes worry it may bother the neighbors. But it's been several years and so far no problems. Knock on wood. My birds as far as I can tell get into fights with the birds outside. It would be nice if I could understand them.

I love them to bits but when they get into a noisy mood, man oh man, they're loud! I've taken to wearing ear plugs some days when I'm doing the morning cleaning. I think they can hear the tinnitus that sometimes rings in my ears. Maybe, or not. When my neighbor first made that suggestion I thought he was crazy but I've since wondered. They seem less agitated when the ear plugs are in. Hm.

I think I'll design a needlepoint pillow of love bird feathers. I've collected many from the floor. Here's some:

Catch up... cello, piano and needlepoint

Well! It's been almost a whole month since my last post... time to catch up...

In 2 weeks it will be 6 months since I started cello and that's hard to believe! The time has flown. I originally committed myself to 6 months and it didn't take long to extend my commitment to a year. Now I'm pretty sure it will be with me for a long time to come. I'm loving it.

Working on lots of C Major the past month. This week my exercises are covering all 4 strings which means I can do arpeggio's from low C to high C in the Dotzauer book. Bowing is still pretty difficult--so many angles to attend to.

Work on the cello is complimenting work on the piano and vice-versa. On weekends such as this one I can get 2 hours a day on the cello and 2 on the piano. Wish I could manage that every day. It works out really well to do an hour of cello early in the day and another hour in the evening.

On the piano I'm relearning Beethoven's Op. 49 No. 2 since one of my students is learning it. It's a fun piece. I'm also going through his Op. 31 No. 2--ever so lovely! In addition to the other pieces I'm working on at the moment.

Piano needs tuning. The harpsichord needs a technician and I wouldn't mind a nice German cello. Is there no end? :) It'll all happen. Eventually.

On the wool front I'm nearing completion of my first Candace Bahouth needlepoint which I copied from a book. I'm enjoying this very much too. She has 6 patterns which she gathered into a rug. I have found 4 of them in 2 different books plus 1 more on the cover of one book. I may try to do them all and make a rug too. I like the patterns a lot. Here's where the squirrel is at this evening. Just the tail remains:

Knitwise, the sweater is going kinda slow but that's OK since it's spring and I won't be needing it anytime soon. I'm doing most of my knitting on the subway these days apart from the 1.5 hours every two weeks at the LGBT Center knitting group plus the 2 hours every month at Lions Brand Studio's men's night.

There are a couple rugs waiting for me to start but I'm not in a hurry. They'll get started soon.