Sunday, August 28, 2011

The latest spin... New Zealand

I've been able to take a spin on the wheel several nights this week and the New Zealand is coming a long well. I've got a picture of a swatch I knit the other night:

This is 3-ply. I'm calling it fingering weight but it's almost lace weight. It's a pretty thin spin. Had a bit of trouble early on... Before making too much progress I decided to ply up what I had to make sure it would hold together. The later spinning--to which I added more twist--was really good and I got pretty excited about it. But when I got to plying some of the very first fibers I had a few breakages. What a sinking feeling it is to see and feel one's handiwork disintegrate into nothing! Good thing I decided to run a test. Now I'm really adding twist. This thin--it needs it.

I like the swatch a lot and now I'm having second thoughts about using this fiber for "Foolish Virgins". I love it's natural color so much I don't want to dye it. Ha! I'm thinking perhaps I'll knit a stole with it as it is... beautiful, natural white. Très elegant.

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