Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Needless to say, life has been a little hectic since learning that I'll be moving to NH in the spring.

I made a trip up to the Granite State this weekend to look at some houses--7 of them in one day! By the time the 6th came around, I started having difficulty remembering which rooms belonged to which house!

It was so absolutely gorgeous up there in the country. The leaves were colored, the temperature cool, the air crisp, and it all proclaimed autumn in exuberant abundance. I went to visit an orchard with my brother on Sunday and snapped several pics which I'll post below.

The good news is I have pre-approval for a mortgage. Yippee! More good news is I saw a house I'd like to purchase. It's in a town called Groton, not far from Canaan and Dorchester, just below the White Mountains. It comes with 3 acres, an excellent tax rate, and most importantly, peace and quiet. I'll post updates (and pics) on that as the process transpires.

Weaving has been very temporarily on hold but I do have the 3rd and final warp chain to sley and then I can thread the entire warp. It is 45" wide, at 10 dents per inch that means 450 yarns to thread. Eh. Not bad! :)

I finished the main body of the knitted stole and started the edging whilst in NH. Haven't got too far on it yet, but once I get going I think it's going to progress quickly. The edging is not very wide.

I'll have to continue spinning for the woven throw and will probably start treadling again tomorrow evening. (It's taken a whole day to catch up with myself and much time was needed today to fill out forms etc. for the house. I do not like paper work.)

I took my cello to NH with me and it was terrific to practice while away. I spent over an hour and a half on Sunday upstairs in my brother's house practicing in front of the window, overlooking the most serene autumn view. There's a picture of that below.

(Click on picture to enlarge)

Natural abundance:

The blueberry patch:

From my brother's house:
Wooden hen:
Fresh donuts and warm cider:
Corn leaves:
Dripping with fruit:
Easter eggs:
Beautiful flowers for picking:

More apples:
A small view of the corn maze:
The color of these apples gives them the appearance of plums:
Did I really walk the entire maze? You decide! :)
Nature's weaving:
In the orchard:
Practicing cello (it doesn't get any better than this!):

Raspberry patch:
Very tall corn:


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