Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Yes, it's been a while ...

Pause over, perhaps. I guess I needed a break. But it feels right to resume now.

Since September activity has centered--or at least tried to focus on--getting the out of doors ready for it's winter spell. I noticed this year, and was struck by how lush summer foliage is. It becomes apparent when it all bursts into flaming color then disappears. I can now see the surrounding hilltops through the barren tree trunks; the boundaries of the lawns are no longer as well defined as at the height of the summer explosion--I can see well beyond the edge of the grass into the extending forests.

The colors were very, very beautiful this fall. The surroundings of Halls Brook Road were on fire!

The front and back yards were ablaze!

And the waning days of autumn were gloriously beautiful!

The garden exited with grace and took a well-deserved bow. Job well done!

The outdoor furniture and garden ornaments are now tucked in for the coming months. I planted some new tulips and some Fritillaria bulbs but I'm unsure about those. They are sold locally, but the packaging states zone 5 and I'm wondering if they'll survive the winter. We'll find out. I decided that the now humongous rugosa patch out back has to go. It has spread incredibly fast these past 2 years but it's not producing that many flowers and tends to spend more time being an eye sore. So next year I'll have a new large, round, garden bed in it's place. I've started to pull them out--ouch! ouch! and ouch! They bite back. There's a lot of dead wood in them. The new bed will have sun flowers for sure and gladioli and so many other wonderful plants. The task of removing the rugosa's will continue in the spring at which time I'll salvage a few for plantings in other locations.

Vermont's sheep & wood festival came and went, and as always, it was glorious! Perfect weather, perfect day.

Indoors, I finished a table runner for Christmas.

And I'm in the process of making ornaments.

I finished a scarf. Knitted in 100% silk and lined with a silk-like fabric.

The orchids, having spent the summer outside, came in a gave birth. They are in blossom right now.

And the Thanksgiving Cactus is also in bloom.

Our community orchestra held our fall concert Sunday and it was a resounding success. We even received a standing ovation! I'm a little sad that rehearsals will be over now until sometime in January. However, in 2 weeks we'll start rehearsing for the UVMC (Upper Valley Music Center) Messiah sing-along which will include orchestra this year. I'm really looking forward to that. I believe the sing-along will be on 12/20. Our cello choir class ends Thursday, and that too, makes me sad. But I'm pretty sure the school will schedule another class for next semester so there's something to look forward to.

Well. Here's to keeping abreast of things "going forward"!


  1. WOW! Bernard, making up for lost time, we see! Such beautiful pics! Inspiring, for sure! Love your runner and ornaments! Thanks for the festival picks. Always wanted to go. The boxes of dyed fleece remind me of Wellington Fibres. We didn't get colour like you had this past season. A delight during these rainy grey bare trees days!

    1. Thanks, jak. Maybe one of these years we can plan to meet at the festival. Mind you, it's no where near as big as NY's, but that makes it all the more pleasant IMO. :)

  2. I'm thinking of using some of your pics in my screensaver! Beautiful! See you soon.

  3. A meet up at the VT festival would suit us just fine, Bernard. It's something we have previously discussed here more than once. We would enjoy something that is not as big as Rhinebeck....... ;)


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