Tuesday, February 2, 2016

New projects, another walk, and orchestra ...

I have veered off the piecing/quilting path for a bit to spend some time with my old friends, the knitting needles.

Picked up a bit of yarn yesterday for a scarf called ZickZack; I found the pattern at the store. I'm using size 3 needles and therefore expect the project to take some time, but it's a relaxing knit, not requiring too much attention. But just enough attention and counting to keep an internal mantra going, which I suspect accounts for it's relaxing effect. The picture of a finished scarf is quite appealing indeed.

I've also started a new hat in stranded technique. More to come on that, next time.

The program for our orchestra's spring concert has been set. It will consist of 2 Haydn Symphonies. #99 and #104. Both very beautiful. Concert is in about 7 weeks.

I took a short walk earlier this afternoon. We enjoyed a bright, beautiful, crisp winter day here. My favorite. The brook is frozen over in most places and the ice makes interesting formations.

To come shortly: a new weaving project, and this evening I found my next knitting project! :)

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