Friday, June 9, 2017

A progress picture ...

I've managed to get some sewing done on "Celtic Solstice" these past few months on a 'here and there' basis. Turns out, sewing regularly fits the winter schedule better than that of spring. Even though the weather has prohibited much outdoor work, I've snapped up every opportunity to get out and peck away at the list of chores the yard has conjured up. Also, as it turns out: Cool, slightly breezy, drizzly days are the absolute best for garden and yard work--these conditions keep the bugs at bay. I'm remembering one very beautiful day a few weeks ago when I was able to get out and tend to some projects and honestly, every bug in New England got a good taste of me! I had to go indoors for fear I'd wither away to nil.

My "Celtic Solstice" needs 6 more blocks with the pinwheel center--the difficult block--and about 10 of the other--much easier--block. While I'm on spring pause for beautification of the grounds, not a lot is getting sewn, but the yard work will soon ebb and the seams will meet once again.

I have deliberately tried not to lay out my blocks "to see what they look like", but I succumbed to my curiosity one night a few weeks ago and this is what I have:

The blocks are not sewn together, they are just lying side-by-side. When they are all assembled, I will need to make quite a lot of "flying geese" to border them.

I'm well over half done.

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