Sunday, July 23, 2017

TdF 2017, in conclusion ... and day lilies ...

What a grand time this has been. To spin with thousands of people the world over and meet through the modern miracle known as the internet. Oh, there has been some beautiful spinning this year. Seeing the fruit of everyone's efforts has been truly inspirational. Mind you, there is never any pressure in TdF: One sets one's own goals.

The only goals I set myself were to spin some 2-ply yarn, and to try something a bit more challenging on the challenge days. I'm very pleased with my personal achievement this year: 986 yds. of skeined, 2-ply yarn--which does not include the singles still on the great wheel--so I'm rounding up to 1000 yds. Not bad at all considering the rest of life has had to continue as smoothly as possible.

Feeling a little after-glow this evening and I'm celebrating with some lovely Chardonnay. Here is my group portrait of TdF 2017 (click to enlarge):

The blue matted roving which I carded up came in at 280 yds. of 2-ply. These yarns are intended for weaving.

Although no longer part of TdF I started in today on some of the luscious caramel colored top I picked up a few weeks ago.

Today was a big day on another front: The day lily plants that I have grown from seed these past 3 years are blossoming! The first blossom opened this morning. You may recall these seeds were the result of some hand pollinating I did at my friend's extensive day lily garden in MA. Yes, I'm a proud parent of a new hybrid; it's quite exciting really. Here it is:

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