Saturday, January 22, 2011

A handful of novelty yarns... what to do?

I’m pretty excited by my current weaving project. I was able to set the loom up again after I took the Christmas tree down and last weekend I took a stroll through my stash. I found a handful of lovely fibers that I bought just because they were so beautiful. A ball of silk ribbon, some multi-colored mohair I found in a bargain bin (at School Products here in the city), a spool of parti-colored cotton chenile (from same), 2 balls of reclaimed sari silk from a crafts fair, 1 ball of variegated green fingering weight wool from a thrift store, 1 skein of variegated blue fingering weight wool I found at the NY Sheep and Wool Festival, and a ball of very thin dark blue mohair.

Here it is in progress, a spring scarf which, in person, looks like stained glass. I warped with all the fibers except the very thin blue mohair and am using that as the weft. 8 dent heddle, warped as follows: both selvedges are 2 threads: a blue and green fingering; Between the selvedges are 1 multi mohair, 1 blue fingering, 1 ribbon, 1 green fingering, 1 chenile, 1 blue fingering, 1 sari, 1 green fingering repeated. I’m weaving it loose because I want that airy, breathing look--almost like net, except that the warp is pretty well filled in. Here it is on the loom. The spaces that look like air are actually the variegated (purple and white) silk ribbon…


  1. Welcome to blogland! I love the combination of jewel-y looking colors in your weaving.

  2. those colors are lovely. your post makes me want to camp out in brooklyn with you and watch you create these masterpieces.

    i look forward to hearing a lot more about your adventures in beginning cello as well.



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