Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A handful of novelty yarns (continued)

The weaving is finished and the scarf is off the loom. It feels great, very light. It's holding together, which is a nice thing! It's now out to dry after soaking in Eucalan for 30 minutes. I'm contemplating crocheting along both long edges with a very thin gold yarn and using the same for a crocheted edging at both ends. It would help preserve the woven structure I think and make it less likely to distort if snagged on something. Maybe...

This was exciting to weave because of the multitude of color, so.... I think these lovelies are destined for the same treatment. All wool, silk, cashmere, and a tiny bit of man-made:


  1. Beautiful woven scarf, Bernard and quite the attractive collection of yarns for the next weaving! What a talented guy you be!!!! JK

  2. Thanks, John. :) I actually finished the 'red' scarf several months ago. I guess I forgot to blog about it.... mustn't let that be! I'll be writing it up soon...


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