Thursday, January 9, 2014

First steps ...

I received a belt for the Singer 66 today. Couldn't wait to get it on the machine. Took a few attempts to get the length right. I started out a little long, figuring it would be easy enough to take off length if necessary, but impossible to add more. I would have gauged by the old broken belt except that in my attempts to repair it, it lost too much.

So here is it's (re-) debut. I wonder how long it's been since it sewed a piece of cloth? Perhaps a little more adjustment necessary on the tension, and I really need to learn how to pedal smoothly! There is ever so slight puckering of the fabric and I have an inquiry about this at Ravelry. Hoping someone over there can direct me to the fix.


  1. Congratulations! Looking good!
    Since there is no back stitching on this model, I was taught to leave the needle in the material, raise the presser foot, carefully turn the material 180 degrees, lower the presser foot and do a few more stitches over the previous ones. Then I would raise the needle, lift the presser foot, and slowly pull the material away from the plate, cut the thread and voila, no puckering (unless there's still a tension problem).
    Pulling the material away from the plate before "backstitching" could slightly pull the thread and create a puckering of the material.

  2. Thanks for the tips on back stitching, crafty1. :)


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