Saturday, January 11, 2014

The dream machine ...

That's the first block sewn on the new Singer 66! It's one of 12 blocks I'll be making for my new quilt. The machine is a dream!! It's so easy to control, right down to a crawl if need be. No unexpected zip-a-dee-doo-dahs like my electric machines sometimes surprise me with. And the stitches are beautiful:

Aren't they lovely! Oh, I love this sewing machine. It's so human.

It turns out the slight puckering I mentioned earlier was being caused by the presser foot. The solution was an easy adjustment of the presser foot pressure knob. Easy peasy!

I'm so excited!!!

The new quilt is called "Family Tree" and I found the pattern in a magazine. Each block will have a different bird. I'm getting the birds out of this fabric here:

I think it's going to be lovely.


  1. Absolutely, Bernard, it will be a beautiful quilt. Happy to share in your thrills with the Singer!!!!

  2. Am I missing something? Have you deleted your "cello practice sessions" from this blog?

    1. crafty1, How observant of you! They have indeed been removed. I thought they were getting a bit old and out-of-date. Will hopefully have some new ones soon... along with video if all goes well. :)


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