Saturday, February 15, 2014

Snow! ...

Yes, indeed. It snowed all day yesterday starting before dawn sometime, and continuing non-stop till about mid afternoon today. Another squall arrived late afternoon, but this evening the moon is out and the earth is so very beautiful covered by the fleece-white winter blanket.

The car is dressed up in it's coat of winter, the drive impassable; squirrels have dared venture to the stoop in search of nourishment (which I most happily provide) as have the blue jays. The evergreen trees are donning their best winter fashions and they look splendid: Droopy, but in a most flattering way. Picture card perfect. Strike a pose. The stove is well stoked these past few days and the cold/warm contrast is really very cosy.

None of this bother me much this year. I'm not anxious for it to disappear, because I know it will. It always has, and this year will be no different. Come June, this glory of cool temperatures and precipitation will be a memory, so I'm enjoying it while it lasts. After all, spring is only a few months away.

I snapped this pic of the drive last evening just as the sun was pulling the covers for it's nightly slumber--about half way through the storm. Today, the car is barely visible at all!


  1. Unlike your snow, my comment just vanished...gggggrrrrrrrr!!!!!! You have so much more snow than we do and I heard you are likely to get a lot more soon. You have a pioneering, spirited attitude to it all. The sun is warmer now and the birds are singing heartily here. Snowshoes???? We have done a lot this year.
    Used to leave our car at the end of driveway in the winter. Would look just like yours! Getting too old for that now...:). The last few evenings have been beautifully moonlit.

    1. jak! Somehow I missed your comment until now. Well, it snowed again yesterday and I had to venture out in in. Luckily it resulted in no more than a few inches. Dang! Wouldn't you know my windshield wiper would fail. Had to stop and get a replacement--could barely see what with the snow falling and wiper non-functioning! Made it home safely. Wow! I'm surprised to hear that you are hearing birds. The only ones I'm hearing are my feather friends, the blue jays. Re: snowshoes. I may get myself some for next year, sounds like it would be a good thing to do! Thanks for mentioning them. Enjoy your moonlit evenings!! --Bd


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