Thursday, January 15, 2015

With a little help from my friend ...

To be honest, it's not all that helpful. But it is fun and he's just so adorable and sweet.

At rehearsal last night we read through Schubert's 5th symphony. I've had the music for a bit and worked over it with my teacher so it wasn't a cold reading for me. Ever so beautiful.

Last week we read through Beethoven's 4th symphony and it was an utter and complete joy. I found myself tearing up occasionally over the exquisite beauty of it, and the realization that there I was, playing along and contributing to this glorious music. Oh what a joy it is to play a stringed instrument in an orchestra. I can say I know no other experience like it. Sure indeed, I dropped out a few measures here and there -- it was, after all, a cold read and I've only been playing four years -- but for great chunks of it I was there. Such a happy experience.

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  1. The master of the cello.....AND......his trusty sidekick!!! Priceless..... ;)
    Thanks for the beautiful music. Glad to hear you are throughly enjoying your orchestral experiences.


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