Sunday, May 17, 2015

A varied spring ...

It seemed as if it would never fully arrive... but how quickly winter fades. This is good. It means that come November I'll be ready again.

The usual water logged areas as the snow melted. There was a lot of water about the place, but it's drying up fast. We've had very little rain over the past month and that's a little worrisome. There was a forest fire in Rumney today, saw it on my way to grocery shopping. It didn't seem as bad on the way back so hopefully it was being brought under control. But it's dry.

The lady slippers have not appeared yet and I wonder if it's due to lack of moisture? The picture I took of them last year is dated May 24 and that picture shows them in bud, so maybe--just perhaps--they simply aren't up yet. I'd really love to see them again.

After the snow melted, of course, the ground was very damp--that was a lot of snow! I spent a week+ pulling wild blackberries out by the roots taking advantage of the loose wet soil. I figure it's the only way to get a good start on controlling them. That particular corner of the yard looks 100% better cleared. I can see well into the lower forest now and have plans to plant shade loving shrubs and plants in the area.

Here are a few progress pics during that week. Oh, it was hard work! All scratched up I was.

The dead spruce, which trunk can be seen on the right in picture 2 is going to be cut down at about 10' high. Then I'll anchor a beam across the top and hang swings! Won't that be a blast!? This is the new view looking down into the forest; soooo much better!

It was a delightful surprise to find lilies growing under the blambles. Hopefully, this year (maybe next) we'll see some flowers instead of invasive vines.

I made a new bed for annuals and plopped the fountain planter that I purchased last year in it's center. I think it looks pretty nice this way.

The rhubarb got transplanted from it's original spot--which last year was under a fallen tree and so didn't grow well--to my garden. It really seemed I was killing it when dividing it, but nope, it's taking off very well. Tough stuff; must be.

My three perennial herbs came back (lemon balm, an oregano, and a thyme). I purchased a new rosemary and some gaillardia to fill the 3 empty spots. Some basil is planted in the big bed, but already some very impolite critter or creature is have midnight nibbles of them. Grrr. As a matter of fact, I'm going out there as soon as I finish typing this up to see if there's anything to see!

In other gardening news, the shrubs and bushes are coming out of dormancy and most look like they survived the winter. I've been picking ticks off left and right after my work out of doors--creepy darned things! The birds are singing ever so beautifully, the bear(s) has been around though I haven't seen him yet, and the owl is hooting it's midnight serenades. I love that. :)

[Funny coincidence: I'm hearing the owl just now. He's going on about something! :) ]

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