Sunday, May 31, 2015

Rain ...

At long last!

I took my monthly trip to NYC last week. Wednesday morning was absolutely beautiful here--albeit dry--and my bus wasn't leaving until 2:30 pm so I had time to enjoy a leisurely morning stroll about the yard, puttering with a few weeds and watering a few plants. The lilac bush at the corner of the front lawn was splendid this year, in contrast to it's rather meager display last year. It was loaded with blossoms, and the entire front yard was perfumed in a heady ecstasy. The sun was yellow, the sky bright and clear, and the birds were chatting away. Oh boy, I love these mornings here.

I spent time last week mulching much of the perennial bed. Having to use the hose, I'd rather retain as much moisture as possible.

Enjoyed an uneventful ride to NYC, luxurious in that I didn't have to drive! In the office that evening--I'd stopped by to drop off my cello--a very pretty sunset was to be seen from my office window looking towards New Jersey. (When I travel by bus, the cello needs to be in it's hard case which is bulky and a bit heavier than normal. Anything to avoid lugging it around during rush hour; hence my detour to the office before heading to my accommodations for the evening.)

I returned Friday, leaving NY at 4:30 pm and when I drove in the driveway I could see that the ground was wet. Yippie! It had stormed while I was away. My neighbor told me we'd had two storms during those 3 days. Oh, thank heavens for that. A very large branch from one of the trees was fallen just to the right of the driveway so I'm figuring it must have been a substantial storm.

We also had a big storm last evening, plus it's been raining off and on all day today. I'm so very pleased and happy about this. I swear the plants grew a foot while I was away!


  1. We too finally received rain before you did. What a blessing!!!!
    With up and down temps all that grows is slightly behind last year but blossoms are in abundance.

    1. Your description of this rocky spring applies quite aptly to ours as well, jak. I was really worried going so many weeks without rain. But all seems well now and the plants are bursting out! :)


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