Sunday, July 5, 2015

More twist ...

Since taking out one of my Kundert spindles 2 weeks ago, I've kept it spinning on a regular basis. It feels great! I'm enamored, at the moment, with the notion that a few simple tools are the total requirement for spinning, plying, and winding yarn. These 3 (l to r), spindle, nostepinne, and niddy-noddy, are portable enough to keep in my bag. Ready to make yarn anywhere, anytime. Such a glorious art.

I wound off this little 48 yard, 2-ply skein this evening; it was begun yesterday morning. I'm also finding myself keen on making quick, smaller skeins. One reason for this: As the spindle gathers more yarn it gets heavier which affects the new yarn being made. Keeping my cops (the wound-on yarn) smaller manages a slightly more even, convenient, yarn. IMO.

I'm ever so grateful I learned how to spin on a spindle. It's a beautiful art. What's more, it lends itself so well to slowing down the pace of life. Ahhhh, a few spins of the spindle and all's better. There's no hurry, I can sit and make something with my hands and the simplicity of things as they are, seems clearer. And it's useful too!

* * *

I went to see some Shakespeare out-of-doors in Plymouth last Thursday. Twelfth Night in the open air ampitheatre in Plymouth. The theatre is situated a stone's throw from the old train station which is now the senior center, and the farmer's market is there on Thursdays as well. The ampitheatre sits on the Pemigewasset River. Beautiful, beautiful setting. There will be presentations of Shakespeare every Thursday for the month of July. I think I'll go to all of them!

Since I arrived a bit early, I strolled over to the edge of the river and captured some watercolors on the Pemigewasset River.

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