Saturday, July 18, 2015

More yarn, more birds, more flowers ...

Enjoying the creation of these small skeins during Tour de Fleece. Even though I did not officially sign up, I've been spinning every day. Bright orange skein was finished yesterday.

I spied a goldfinch this afternoon, visiting the bird feeder out front. I love these dear pretty little birds.

The ever changing colors of summer ...

Clematis is starting to blossom:

The blue of these delphiniums is one of my favorites:

These mullein (sentinels to the forest beyond!) are 7' tall some of them!:

Ciello enjoys bathing in the fountain:

This nasturtium caught my eye for it's lovely soft coloring:

Christmas in July!:


  1. Oooohhh......thanks for these lovely pics, Bernard! Never seen a peach colored nasturtium flower. One of my favourites when it's not crawling all over the garden! Lots of finches this year here. The yellow just vibrates!!!

    1. I have to say that watching the diversity of birds that visit here is certainly one of the many blessings of living in the country! BTW, if you haven't already (though I surmise you have!), eat a few nasturtium blossoms. I could NOT believe it last year, when I finally--for the first time--tasted nasturtiums! I love 'em. :)


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