Sunday, September 20, 2015

Christmas is a round the corner ...

Well, almost. So for my new project I'm making a Christmas table runner. Here is one square nearing completion. It will be three squares long, with a border running around the whole thing. Picked the fabrics out of my stash. So happy I picked up tons of scraps at thrifts and all. Having a wide variety to pick from allows me some artistic freedom.

The fabric at the left will probably be the outer-most border.

Also in the works are a couple of knit scarfs. I've started to think about a larger knitting project again. Maybe a new sweater. We'll see.

I spent the weekend on an impromptu painting project! Had no idea I'd be painting this weekend, but the notion started to congeal Friday and I was at the paint store Saturday morning. Then again Saturday evening because I decided to do the dining area wall as well as the living area wall. Finished the dining area today after 3 coats of paint. I like it very much. Warmer than the off-white-rose-tint that was on the walls when I moved in. Amazing what a little paint will do.

The music room has been off limits since Friday when my piano technician stopped by to treat the piano felts with moth killer. The solution should kill any eggs in the felts and then he will selectively replace some felt. He swung around while I was out running errands and when I returned--forgetting that he was going to pop in--I could not figure out why there was such a strong odor of oil in the kitchen. It wasn't until I went into the music room--where the stench was overwhelming--that I recalled his mission. Strong, strong stuff. I had taken the door to the room off it's hinges when I moved in to create a more open feel, but I quickly went down stairs to fetch it and re-install it so the room could be closed off. The smell is cooling off with every day. I think it may be a week before I can spend any time in there. But it needs be done. Also needing attention is the pump organ: One of the bellows straps tore. The tech says he can fix that for me as well.

I've been harvesting my tomatoes lately and had enough to make a big batch of soup to freeze for this winter. Next year I will need to stake the tomatoes for sure. They became somewhat unruly this year. Still a good crop, but difficult to harvest!

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