Monday, September 14, 2015

Scrap quilt #4

My word the past 4 weeks have flown! It doesn't feel like more than a few weeks since my last post but I've just noticed that it was written almost a month ago!! My word.

There has been another change since that post: The deck is not being built this fall. It needs to wait until next spring. Bummed, but still: I wasn't expecting to use it much during the winter.

The scrappy quilt top is finished and if finances allow, I'll send it to the long-arm quilters at end of week. Much pleased with it. Now on to a Christmas table runner.

Classes and rehearsals are on the move again. We had our first orchestra rehearsal of the season last Wednesday. Concert will be in November. Only known pieces for the program so far are Beethoven's first and Dvorak's Serenade Op. 44.

Cello choir class will commence Thursday morning. We will have instruction and get to play cello ensemble music together. Looking forward to it!

My private lessons are now seeing me work on Bach's 2nd Suite, as well as continued work on "thumb positions" and scales (as always!).

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  1. As you should be.......well proud of this beautiful quilt!! The scrappy traditions of quilting are alive and well in your home....... ;)


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