Thursday, December 17, 2015

A walk... and a Christmas tree...

For the first time in several months, I took a walk yesterday. Out the drive, and right, down the hill. Stopped at my neighbors near the historical society building (which used to be a schoolhouse). They live in an 1800s Colonial and it is so romantic. I've purchased a number of items from the antique shop they run during the summer months. It was a nice day for a walk and it was a much needed walk. I need many more. Since the weather turned cool I've been spending much too much time sitting. Sitting at the piano, sitting at the cello, sitting at the organ, sitting at the computer. The calories don't know where to go! So they've been sticking around. In my case that means the midriff--something inherited. Walks will need to be on my schedule for a bit. I've been on the same size pants for several years and would just as soon keep it that way.

Took a few pics along the way. I do just love it here.

I put a tree up this week whilst the piano technician was in working on my antique pump organ. This year, a 'floor model'. :)

The LED lights on the ceiling I put up a month or so ago. Since there is so much wood in the room, and my windows are on the small side, I've been trying to think of ways to brighten things up a bit. One idea I have toyed with is whitewashing the ceiling--and I may eventually do it. In the meantime, I thought putting LEDs up would bring in some atmosphere and they sure do! Quite magical indeed!

I have another small tree upon which I've hung some vintage and antique "baubles" (as they say in Britain).

We had our last rehearsal for Handel's Messiah this evening before the concert on Sunday. My word! We had 3 basses, 4 cellos, and the violins and it sounded wonderful! I think it's going to be a special event. Joining us at the concert will be a string quintet, trumpets, timpani, and of course, the choir. I think it's going to be heavenly!

I ordered a bit of pork and a bit of beef from the farmer's market last week (along with a slice of smoked ham!) so I can make the ever-so-special tourtierre for Christmas. I can smell it baking in my imagination as I write. :)

Unseasonably mild temperatures. Oh yes. And no snow yet. Quite a departure from my first two years here. I can't say I mind terribly much this year. I'm looking forward to the exquisite beauty but for now, I'm in no hurry. After the holidays I'm sure we'll be blessed with some crystalline splendor.

An acquaintance of mine, married to a high school classmate, has a new children's book just out. Take a look, and order it for some special child in your life... Growing Up On A New Hampshire Pond. I've ordered mine; can't wait.

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