Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Cute and clever ...

I stumbled upon an idea today for something called "Unpaper Towels". I think it's just brilliant. Basically, ~10"x11" sandwiched cloth towels rolled up just like the paper versions. They are super quick to make, loads of fun what with picking out colors, inexpensive, and useful! How much better does it get?

I purchased a bundle of terry cloth wipes in the auto department of our local superstore this afternoon. They should make a good first layer. Time will tell. If they ravel or disintegrate too quickly, I'll look for something sturdier. I made four towels so far and will probably put together a set of seven or so. Enough to last a week or more.

I followed the directions except that I added a top stitch after turning the cloths right side out. I think it will secure the seam even more and add to the finished look of the towels.

The clever bit is how they get snapped together!

These are the four I've put together so far...

The idea comes from this page: Do it yourself un-paper towels.

I used my sewing machine. The '40s White Rotary. :)

Here's something beautiful to help celebrate the season...

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