Friday, December 16, 2016

Odds and ends ...

Heh. "odds and ends" ... pretty apt description as we wind down 2016. An 'odd' year to put it mildly. More like 'storm at sea, and being tossed against the rocks and cliffs' kind of year! But we are at the end.

Actually, I had different odds and ends in mind when I decided to write this post--miscellanea of crafts and happenings.

The mood to spin visited last month and I spent some serious time treadling away in the kitchen on my old flax wheel. Until it decided it wasn't in the mood. In the space of a moment it went from spinning with a smooth purr, to throwing it's drive band off and refusing to take up new yarn. I couldn't figure it out! So I put it back in it's corner and fetched the Kromski castle wheel. Whether it's because the castle wheel feels more at home in the living room, or because I wanted a change of scenery--I know not the answer--spinning activity was moved to the living room.

I've been spinning up a set of 2 oz. samples, each from a different breed of sheep; a set that was given to me from some dear friends in Canada. Thank you, J and B! I'm spinning them all 2-ply, loose-ish singles, but well plied. 3 of the samples are currently spun up.

Top to Bottom: 76 yds of Scottish Blackface, 80 yds of Shetland, 70 yds of California Red. The California Red is absolutely fabulous. Will keep it in mind next time I'm shopping for fleece.

I need to think of something special to make when all the wool is spun.

* - * - *

I was asked by the Shaker Museum in Enfield if I would decorate a tree again this year for their Festival of Trees fund raiser. Why not!? I had much fun doing one last year, and I even had an idea in mind for this year.

Pasta! Every bit of it except for some acrylic paint and glue.

* - * - *

I put my own tree up last weekend. Decided on a table top size this year. Simply hasn't felt like a big tree kind of year. But most of my ornaments--which I collected over the past 30 or so years--fit. It calls in much spirit of the season and I'm glad I did one again this year. I even put the ceramic one in the kitchen, and another small one in the music room! My word, how extravagant!

* - * - *

The other day I drove down the hill to Rte 118 on my way to Wentworth and the view of Moosilauke was too good to simply drive by. I had to pull over and admire the beauty for a few moments and snap this picture. Sigh. Breathtaking.

This seems as fitting a place as any to mention that the air up here is 6 degrees F at the moment and was 1 degree when I awoke this morning. Nippy!

* - * - *

A couple months ago I bought a new orchid! The tag said it was Alcra. Pacific Nova - "Pacific Heights", but it blossomed this week and that ain't it! It is, in fact, a Miltonia, otherwise known as the pansy orchid for obvious reason. Very beautiful markings. They look hand painted!

Will share a few knitting projects soon ...

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