Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year! ... And a big honkin' shawl...

First and foremost, Happiest of New Years to all! It's my sincere hope and wish that your dreams comes true, and peace be yours. Looking forward.

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Yes, a big honkin' shawl. One of the reasons, perhaps, why activity here on the blog has been--shall we say--lean. I'm surprised to discover this evening that I haven't specifically mentioned this shawl before. Heaven knows, it's been in the works for a while. It will be large when finished and blocked. It is currently up to about 800 stitches around the perimeter and I still have several rounds to go. It takes at least half an hour to forty minutes to add just one row of stitches!

You can't tell from this picture, but the finished shawl will be square. The pattern is called "In My Garden", knit in Estonian lace stitches.

I have 37 more rows to go; at the current rate that's about 18 hours worth of knitting. Gee, makes me hope I mis-calculated!! But not, and it will go by quickly and I know that when the knitting is done, I will miss this project. As is the case with most large projects, it becomes part of one's routine--the fabric of one's life, one can say. And I will feel a little lost when it's done and I can no longer turn to it for a period of meditation and/or relaxation and--during difficult times even--solace. But not to fear: There are other projects lined up!

Just this evening I decided I will incorporate crimson red beads into the last row of the border. I think that will look quite striking. There is a wonderful place in the city called Bead Paradise (I've mentioned it before)--one of my favorite stores in the whole town--that will have the perfect beads for it ($$!!), but also, nearer to home now, is a place in Enfield, NH: Gemstar that sells beads in addition to minerals and gems. If I'm still working on the shawl in 2 to 3 weeks from now, I will visit Paradise in NYC because I know I can find something very special there; otherwise, I shall traipse over to Gemstar and visit the Shaker Museum which is not far from it on the same trip. That's always a treat.

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