Thursday, January 26, 2017

Project lists ...

I was just musing over all the projects I'd like to take on this spring (my mind is wandering on ahead--just a little--on a temporary sojourn to green breezes and dandelions; I'll come back in a few minutes).

There are new flower beds to dig--I want a bed all along the perimeter of the new deck. I'd like to plant some apple trees; at least a few of them. Red currants would be lovely to harvest. The big old patch of rugosa roses which came back to life after an initial attempt to dig them up last spring, is a spot I'd like to turn into a large circular garden. I think this year I'll need to hire someone with a bulldozer to level the area. In fact, the whole back field is a bit rough and a good leveling would open it up to many possibilities. At some point the driveway needs to be done up, with drainage systems installed. The front yard--from where I park the car to the steps of the deck--needs to be bulldozed as well, to remove the old dirt, packed down from years of use as a driveway. Then I can seed a nice lawn there.

Speaking of new beds, I came upon this series of videos on YouTube by Charles Dowding. He is a most fascinating man, full of knowledge and helpful information. I'm going to try his method this year:

One project that will get done this spring is the entry-room off the kitchen. I will have it insulated: Top, bottom, and sides; and sheet rocked. A proper entry door/screen combo will replace the fimsy, totally ineffective screen door that now hangs as the main entry to the house. Perhaps down the line, I can install a wood cook stove in there. Wouldn't that be just lovely? Fondly remembering the ones we had in our kitchen all through my growing-up years, and the one my Aunt Rose would always be attending to whenever I was at my grandmother's visiting. Wood cook stoves--in addition to being very useful--are also like teddy bears and security blankets. They bring comfort and reassurance. I think the reason is that they don't depend on 3rd parties for their operation. No electric, or propane delivery needed. In a pinch, a trip to the woods with an axe will get one through emergency situations. These "old" ways are good comforts.

Indoors, once the entry-way is finished with a closet in place, the closet in the music room will become a built-in reading nook with storage bench. It will make a great napping-cot and could even be used as an extra bed when necessary. The upper stair well needs to be painted. I bought the paint a few months ago. Just waiting for warmer weather now. Otherwise, it's pretty well settled in these rooms.

I have some spinning to finish, a loom that needs dressing, a quilt that needs finishing, another quilt that needs to be re-tackled, two quilts which need binding, the 'big honkin' shawl which has reached the point of having a will of it's own: Getting tricky to hold the whole mess of stitches in my lap as I try my best to finish it!! I have an inkle loom in the upstairs closet that I would like to dust off and get some bands woven. My interest in card weaving is piquing again.

There is no shortage of projects to work on. No shortage.

Meanwhile, I made this wallet last weekend; 3 hours on Saturday evening. I like it so much I went to the local quilt shop today and purchased two more clasps so I can make others.

I "fussy cut" the fabric out of a panel like this one: Peacock Panel. It was a very fun project.

Another YouTube series I recently discovered is this series on 18th Century cooking: James Townsend and Son. Absolutely fascinating and fun! History, food, how could it go wrong? Must share this series with you. He's got many videos up on YouTube.

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