Friday, June 17, 2011

A few recommendations.... continued

I have had a jar of lye sitting in the closet for the past several months. It is waiting for me to make soap of it.... and the time has come. I've just ordered a few molds, picked out the recipe I want to use (oatmeal soap) and picked up some cinnamon bark essential oil at a store in the west village... so hopefully I'll end up with oatmeal cinnamon soap. Fingers crossed...

321 Bleecker Street

If you're in NY, most certainly stop by. If not, definitely visit their website. They have a most amazing selection of essential oils (check the products page) from all over the world. Some of it is pricey: $130 for 2ml of Agarwood Hindi Super, but most are within reach. I purchased 10ml of cinnamon bark (from Vietnam) for around $28.

The store is not large but there is a whole rack of oils that can be sampled.

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