Monday, May 30, 2011

For the birds...

They've been so patient.... It was a very productive weekend. I finished the 2 portions of wall--painted and stenciled. Today wasn't entirely hitch free. The birds got excited just a tad too early and a few of them flew up to where the paint wasn't quite ready for their presence--almost, but not quite. I noticed one bird had a few small touches of blue where she wouldn't normally. It wasn't much. Believe me, when you have birds something will eventually go wrong. No matter what. No matter what precautions have been taken. No matter how diligent. Something, sooner or later, will not go according to plan. So for a few days she'll go around all tarted up. She certainly doesn't seem to mind. Sweet things they are.

The wisteria is pictured below. I finished it yesterday. Stencils are a great way to decorate. Inexpensive and fast. I probably spent less than an hour on the wisteria and the results are charming and colorful and warm. Good bang for the buck.

I also stenciled some clover at the end of the counter on that newly painted wall. 15 minutes worth of work gets big results, IMO. And to top it all off, stenciling is fun!

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