Sunday, May 8, 2011


Working on a forte sound. Whew! Going to take some work... especially on an up bow... especially near the tip. Albeit very enjoyable work. There's a lot more to bowing than meets the eye. For sure. I absolutely love the Dotzauer exercises that I've been doing. Though string crossings are a big part of them, they have me focusing on my left hand more than on bowing.

Looks like I'll be done with Suzuki Book 1 in a few weeks. I started the next-to-last piece this week--a Bach Minuet in C. That's followed by another Bach Minuet. Went to Sam Ash's over on 48th St. this week to pick up Book 2. I could get lost in Sam Ash's stores... I think they have 3 stores all next to or across the street from each other. Get lost amongst the keyboards and music and cellos. I suppose if I were really lost no one would see me walking away with a keyboard under one arm and a cello under the other... heehee.

Now that the weather is nice I'm contemplating taking the cello out to the back yard for practice. How lovely would that be!? Can't do that with my piano. I wonder if my neighbors will be able to hear me from there? I don't sound all that great when practicing (well let's face it I don't sound all that great period at the moment!), but as we all know good practicing isn't meant to sound great. (If practicing sounds great there's a good chance it could be playing or performing instead of practicing.)

I am realizing how important core support is to cello playing. It's a real workout.

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