Thursday, May 26, 2011

For the birds....

I'm giving their room a new coat of paint on two walls and they are being extremely patient with me. I found paint from Benjamin Moore called "Natura" that is non-toxic and odorless so I can paint even when they're in the room.... I left the door open so the less adventurous amongst them could fly into the dining room while I primed and painted but many of them--surprisingly--stayed around to see the old surface away behind the primer and then to be the first ones to see the new colors. I'll post a pic when I'm finished.

Yes, you may be thinking: What if they flew into the wet paint? They didn't. But I didn't leave the room until it was dry to the touch, and Natura dries very quickly. (I should write a post about the time one of my birds flew into a strip fly catcher and got all gunked up with it! She recovered fine. I'll leave the details for some other time.) Also, I'm painting the room bit by bit for a few reasons. Firstly so that I don't have to protect them from a vast area of wet paint and secondly so I don't spend more than an hour at a time in the room. I like to give them time to rest from my intrusion and catch up with food and water.

I still have the stencils I used years ago throughout my apartment (long since covered up with fresh coats of paint) and decided to stencil a wisteria vine on one wall of the bird room. It's looking real nice if I do say so. Stenciling is fun.

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