Sunday, May 8, 2011

For the birds...

I notice that my mind is more at ease having a "flock" of Lovebirds than when I had just four of them. There is something complete about the current situation. To be sure I've had to make some changes but they too have been for the better. The birds now have their very own room. When I had four they shared with me and I with them but now, though we are in the same apartment, they have a room of their own. I don't have to try to keep my things clean because my things aren't in their room! This makes it easier. It now amounts to an hour each morning picking up the prior day's chewed up newspaper, washing down the counter top and doing a maintenance floor washing. I don't try to get the floor spic-n-span every day. I take care of the bad spots where the newspaper was removed by the birds. It's enough to give their room a cleanish look and then on the weekend I do the whole shebang which goes pretty well because of the daily maintenance. Once a month (if I'm diligent) I have to wipe the window casing and special valances within which are their perches.

Did I mention that their room used to be my kitchen? Heehee. That's why there's a counter top in there. My fridge and stove are now in the room which used to be my dining room but is now an eat-in kitchen! Ha!

I dream of having an outdoor space for them in the summer. That would be so lovely.

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