Sunday, September 4, 2011

A couple of quick updates... the blanket... and the jam...

The blanket is coming along nicely. I'm not crazy about one side of the squares that it's made of. The join to the adjacent square creates a line of stitches that stands out a little bit. Some are more noticable than others and that's due to the yarn. Noro is not consistenly even in thickness. I tried a few experiments to see if I could get rid of the ridge of stitches but to no avail. So I'm following the pattern. Truth be told I don't find it that much of a distraction and finishing and blocking may sort it all out in the end.

Fun, fun knit. I like these modular type projects in which I can set easily obtainable milestones for myself. Lemme see... train to work today... I think I can get 3 squares done. Gonna go out to the park with my morning coffee... might get a whole side done. Before you know it... This is what I accomplished on it this week:

The cherry jam that I was going to report on... Delicious!! Next time I will use a smidge of pectin. Other than being a little runnier than I'd like, it's fabulous. The flavor is wonderful and I've been enjoying it muchly these past few weeks. On toasted english muffins with real creamy butter. Swoon.

I got the recipe from Tipnut (A fabulous site. Follow this link to 100 jam and jelly recipes) and she got it from Caviar and Codfish. You'll find the recipe there.

I also threw in a whole clove. Next time I'll throw in 2. If that's not enough, next time after that I'll throw in 3. :)

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