Sunday, September 18, 2011

Off topic... a visit to Coney Island...

As I mentioned in my last post, I was on vacation last week. On Monday, an almost spur-of-the-moment decision to visit Coney Island was rewarded with a relaxing, quiet and gorgeous day at the famed beach. Sunny and warmish but not hot. There were very few people there being an off-season Monday afternoon and it was utterly relaxing. Since the amusement parks are now only open on weekends, the only noises were those of nature: surf and gulls. I am so glad I went... and it's so easy to get there too. I get on the G in my neighborhood, take it half way across Brooklyn where I transfer for the F which goes right to the beach.

I waded for a good long stretch--I found the water surprisingly pleasant. Wading in the Atlantic gives me a sense of connection with the coasts of Europe... I mean... just on the other side of the "pond". :) It's grand. Such a big puddle. Well, huge. Something about it takes my soul back to some long ago dawn. Very peaceful. The gulls know this.

After a good walkabout and wading I headed back up to the boardwalk, found a bench all to myself and knitted for a good three quarters of an hour. I took the blanket with me. Knit on the train going and coming too.

I took some pictures which I'll share. I put them in this animated slide show to save room. I hope it doesn't slow you down too much when loading. Each picture will display for 5 seconds. There is a pic of my feet in the Atlantic to prove I was there. ;) There is a Thin Man poster pic--the brim of my straw hat looks ominous as a shadow. There is a picture of alien handwriting in the sand... footprints... amusements... sand... water... gulls... Enjoy...


  1. Really enjoyed the slideshow, Bernard. My first visit to Coney Island. Thanks.
    Esp. like the one with your shadow. :)

  2. I like that one too, jak. I didn't realize till I viewed this on my computer at work that the screen problem I'm having with my home computer was somehow saved with the pictures. It shows up as some sort of interference. I'll have to see if I can clean that up.

  3. That's a bit unusual, Bernard.
    I thought the interference gave most pics a "painterly" quality : )


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