Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Latest Spin... luxury fever...

Such a luxurious fiber as the Wellington Fibers "mystery roving" (I wrote about here: The latest spin... gourmet) requires a luxury spindle to spin with. So I've taken out my only Golding (a visit their website just about makes me faint), which I purchased a few years ago at Rhinebeck (shorthand for the NY Sheep and Wool Festival--coming up in October. Yippee!).

This fiber is a joy in every sense. It's been a feast for the eyes and now it's a feast for the fingers and heart. I love everything about it and it's turning into a fine beautiful yarn.

I'm spinning thin and Navajo plying it. It's coming out about fingering weight and will make lovely, soft, hand warmers that I will use while knitting on the "J" train platform this winter waiting for the train's arrival. In the picture, the spindle is wound with plied yarn, a length of which is unwound for illustration:

This is a very pleasant experience. Once again I must thank John Kerr for the gift of this fiber.

Perhaps this close-up will do a better job of highlighting the yarn:

The Golding spindles, of course, are works of art. It was very hard to choose just one from the several gorgeous spindles on display but I did manage to hone in on this one. What a delight...

One feature of the Golding that I absolutely love is the ribbed shaft. It creates traction for the fingers, allowing them to set forth a revved up spin that I find I cannot get on a smooth shafted spindle. (But I do love my Kunderts. Love them!!) That, and the metal rim around the whirl really sets this spindle in motion. It spins and spins! I'm hoping the ribbing will show up in this picture:

Needless to say, I'm in heaven! :)


  1. So very happy to hear that you have been enjoying the fibres, Bernard. It's great that you can do so much with so little. Will you post picks of the warmers when they're done? I think I might spin up another box I have of their fibres and try out the Navaho plying.
    Glad to hear you like your Golding spindle. They are in VT but haven't visited yet when we've been there. Sure do a lovely job on their spindles. I like the idea of the ribbing on the spindle shaft. I have only ever used a bottom weighted spindle. They were made for us by a gentleman who was an amazing woodworker.
    Again It's good that you enjoyed the fibres so much. You know, there are more where they came from !!!! I'll see what selection they have at the Fleece Festival in October. It's just the weekend after Rhinebeck.

  2. jak, I most certainly will post pics of the finished hand warmers (and probably a few progress pics).

    P.S. I'll be placing an order this weekend! :)

  3. Looking forward to the pics, Bernard.
    Happy ordering :)


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