Saturday, October 8, 2011

Knit wise... the baby blanket

Well good golly! Had trouble getting back into my account this evening. Finally figured out that I had to re-enable a bunch of cookies that I blocked last week. I don't let just any old web site store cookies on my computer and I do an occasional wipe-out of all cookies. I also reviewed my list of 'acceptable' sites last week and blocked many of them. Didn't realize a few of those sites were blogspot's and google's. As a developer I'm not keen on cookies. They violate the concept of stateless applications.


I've been keeping lots of company with knit and purl. Aren't they a lovely couple? I made up my mind to line the back of the baby blanket and decided to knit the backing. I picked up a soft merino wool for it. Softer than the Noro which makes up the front. It will be a toasty warm blanket... just what Vermont winters call for. The color is a deep burgandy, almost maroon. There is a lot of grey in the blanket and that was my first choice for the back, but for a baby blanket? I couldn't do grey. The sweet baby girl has entered this world--isn't it awesome? The miracle of birth. I would have liked to use magenta but it would have been too bright and would have fought with many of the other colors in the blanket. I think this maroon is a good marriage of grey and red. Can't show much more than this blob of blanket since it's on circulars while I knit the backing.

I picked up stitches along the four sides, picking up and knitting the groups of 7 stitches perpendicular to the edge -- and -- picking up and knitting plus also knitting into the back of the stiches parallel to the edge because they needed a little extra depth to create an even edge around the blanket. I think I knit 2 rounds before doing a round of knit followed by a round of purl to create the turn. Now I'm doing 4 mitered squares on each corner. Hoping I will end up in the center, but will keep my focus on the rate of decrease and make adjustments as necessary.

After I block it I will tie the back and front together at several points to help keep it a coherent whole.

The blob:


  1. What a blessing for the wee one. The blanket is going to be just amazing!!! Interesting choice for the backing. Will certainly counteract the roughness of the Noro.
    Can't wait to see the blanket when it's tied. : )
    B. was interested to read how you were going to add the backing, Bernard. Of course it made perfect sense to her, wondrous knitter that she is : )
    All the best finishing up the project.

  2. Thanks, jak. It's coming along very well... the nice thing about knitting from the perimeter to the center is that it goes faster and faster as the work progresses. It won't be too long now. When I hold the 2 sides together to get an idea of the finished blanket it feels really nice.... I would love a regular sized blanket like this! Now that would be an undertaking.


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