Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fiber wise... The NY Sheep and Wool festival... a few more pictures

The previous post contains several pics of my trip to the festival and you can read about my trip in the post before that one.

Some alpacas:

A real beauty!:

Some begonias on the grounds:

Some fish:

Rug wool :) :

The fair closes at 5pm. My train back to the city leaves Rhinecliff at 6:51 so I had a bit of time to spend in downtown Rhinebeck which is just a few blocks from the fair grounds. I stopped for pizza before calling the taxi driver to take me back to the Amtrak station. Downtown Rhinebeck:

The famous Beekman Arms Inn in downtown Rhinebeck. The oldest Inn in the US, it has operated continuously since 1766:

As I was waiting on the platform for my train back to NYC, from the day's saturation of yarns and rovings, my world had become a blur of color:

Here is what I came home with:

A day to remember.


  1. You're rockin' the reds! Must have been fall leaf inspiration. That's a lovely blue/purple, too.

    Rhinebeck looks like a sweet little town.

  2. Michele, I know! I really hit the reds this year. My first choice at Spinner's Hill was actually green and greens/yellows/browns--quite typical of what I'd go for. In addition to that I picked out the two smaller reds thinking it would make a nice change of pace. It was only while I was standing in line to check out that I noticed the one large ball of red sitting on a bench in front of me. I thought it was reserved. Asked about it and was told no, they just didn't have room for it on the other shelves. It was such a gorgeous shade I couldn't pass it up so I put the green back--I've done plenty of green--and came home with a load of red! :)


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