Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fiber wise... The NY Sheep and Wool festival... pictures

These are my pics from the NY Sheep and Wool festival. My impressions are in the post previous to this one.

In the sheep barn... They are such lovely animals... Several breeds on display...

What a sweety:

A gorgeous sheep:

I love this color:

A beautiful autumn border next to one of the vendor buildings:

Rug hooking!:

Yours truly with someone I went to high school with. (I'm wearing my hand spun hat, the one that I spun all over the place! :) ):

Some roving to choose from. (Bet you can't pick just one! ;) ):

A pretty alpaca. They seem so self-assured :):

A part of the grounds where food may be had:

A pretty little sculpture amongst the plantings:

Some fiber:

The one looks utterly exhausted!:

Ever so lovely. So 'sheepish' aren't they? :)

This sheep is so beautiful. His (or her--I didn't check) face is a deep caramel color. Very much enjoyed my attention too:

This funny one hopped into the bin!:

The pumpkin carver is a bit of a fixture at the festival:

Some yarn:

An angora rabbit. They're not trained for photoshoots! Took me several tries to get this one:

Some items entered for judging:

More... gorgeous weaving!!:

More to come...


  1. WOW, Bernard!!!! Visions of fibre and fibre animals etc. and etc. are dancing in my head tonight : ) Thanks for these glorious posts. Almost like being there.
    B. knew about some of the things you commented on re. travel to Rhinebeck etc. so I guess the talk on Ravelry was pretty heavy.
    Thanks for sharing your stash...............such delights to keep you busy through the chilly months ahead.
    Your pics are amazing!!!!!! Thanks so much for sharing so much!!!


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