Saturday, October 8, 2011

Knit wise... taking a break from the blanket

Last week I took a 2-day break from the blanket to knit another of Anna Zilboorg's fabulous hats. The pattern is called Egyptian and appears in her book, "45 Fine & Fanciful Hats to Knit" (1997, Lark Books). Great book.

I used my own colors. The yarn is Harrisville Designs' New England Highland. I seldom see Harrisville mentioned and personally I feel they might be under appreciated. It's a wonderfully woolen yarn in a wide range of gorgeous colors. It makes fantastic hats and any other winter outerwear garmets. I've used it for all my hats.

I just blocked the hat this afternoon after I got back from a quick trip to the local sewing supply store to pick up a length of boning which is used to open up the hat's plateau.

It certainly is quite fanciful and I'm not sure which occasions I will want to don it for, but I'm sure it will make a debut at some point... it's quite dramatic! :)


  1. A hat fit for a Pharaoh!! Definitely a treasure!!! Beautifully knit. Really like the pattern on the top. Looks almost Celtic.
    Have you made other hats from that pattern book?

  2. Thanks jak. Yes, I have made several berets--I may wear one tomorrow to the festival. Next one I make will be a toque.


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