Sunday, October 9, 2011

Knit wise... the herringbone raglan...

Maybe this picture will motivate me to lose a few pounds... I just ate dinner... oh well I'll have to wait till tomorrow to start dieting... darn. ;)


  1. Same here, Bernard. Dieting starts tomorrow. Just enjoyed a wonderful Canadian Thanksgiving dinner today.
    What a beautiful sweater. I REALLY like this one. Maybe, some day, I'll be able to make myself one. : )

  2. Thanks, jak. :) It came out a little long and I'm debating whether I'll perform surgery on it to shorten it. Maybe not, as I like long and baggy sweaters.

    Happy Thanksgiving!! Sorry I missed it by a few days. I'll have to share a few wonderful recipes I always make on Thanksgiving (Cranberries with Bourbon and Jams with Rum !! :) ). I'm wondering if cranberries are traditional for CA Thanksgiving? They are here.

  3. Oh... that should be Yams with Rum, not Jams!


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