Friday, October 14, 2011

Fiber wise... NY Sheep & Wool Festival

I'm all set for tomorrow. I discovered that we have a Coinstar coin cash-in machine in my neighborhood not far from me. I walked over this afternoon with a little less than half of the dimes I've been saving and walked away with $45! That means I have about $100 in dimes sitting at home--not to mention all the nickels (and pennies!) I have. Looks like I'll be able to purchase that little something special at Rhinebeck after all. Happy.

The weather is not forecast to be very cool so the sweater will stay at home. Instead, I'll don one of my Anna Zilboorg fanciful hats. A beret I knit a few years ago...

I should have a full report of the festival when I return. See you then...


  1. Looking forward to your report.

    I love Anna Zilboorg. Your hats are great!

  2. Thanks, Michele!

    (In all the excitement of the weekend I somehow missed this post.)


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