Monday, March 19, 2012

Fiber wise... pics for the last post...

Pics for the last post... well some pics, not all of them. Coaster pics to come... I still have to block the 2 new ones (been busy!).

But first... the weather! Wow! Spring done sprung quickly. She has set the stage well, in anticipation of her official arrival in just a few hours from now. Welcome Spring! I hope you'll give us a nice long amble into summer. The longer we wait to reach high humidity and temps the better with me. It gets very humid here in the summer. Hopefully we'll be spared too much of that this year.

The lovely weather inspired me to tidy up. This weekend and today I managed to get lots of spring cleaning done, inside the apartment and outside--in the back yard. My building rests lighter on it's foundation tonight from being rid of all that dust!

Persuasion Scarf is coming along nicely. I am, believe it or not, knitting this on the subway. Therefore I'm employing the use of life lines: Insurance. Peace of mind. I'm moving my life line up after every 8 rows, and that is working just fine. The pattern is not that complicated, nor is it difficult but the life lines ensure a certain comfort level. If you do not know what a life line is (not shown in the picture as I pulled it out to re-thread it at the top, but snapped the pic without it), it is a separate length of yarn that is threaded through the live loops currently on the needles. If I should make an un-fixable mistake past the life line all I need do is remove the knitting from the needles and undo the knitting (it's called "frogging") until I reach the life line. At that point the stitches will all be waiting for me to pick them up from the length of yarn. It's a life saver. Last time I knit lace I didn't use life lines and know now that I would have enjoyed far more peace of mind had I employed them. Live and learn.
Here's the beautiful fiber from Copper Moose, it's called "Purple Twist". Isn't it yummy!?


  1. I haven't used a lifeline yet, but I'm really good at tinking and ripping!

    Love the purple fiber. Makes me want to spin!

  2. Loved the subway knitter pic!!! Can just picture YOU sitting there amongst the hoards in your knitting zone peacefully clicking away.... :). Hhhmmmmm......spring cleaning or shouldi say summer cleaning is moving slowly here. Had air conditioner on yesterday!!! Purple twist sure is a beauty. All wool? I forget the fibre content.

  3. Air conditioner! Well, our temps are back to normal for spring and it actually feels quite nice this way.

    I believe Purple Twist is Merino/Silk.


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