Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Subway knitting... a little nod

Seeing how I do a lot of knitting on NYC's subway system, it is particularly delightful to see a small homage to subway knitters in the most recent of the MTA's (Metropolitan Transit Authority) Arts for Transit acquisitions. Their latest commission is a work by Sophie Blackall and it contains--among many other characters--the portrait of a subway knitter! Yes!!

The MTA's Art for Transit is a wonderful series of posters that are displayed in subway cars (the posters may also be purchased--see link below). I have spent many minutes wandering through the intricate lattice of many of these works. This is usually when I do not get a seat, for if I were seated I'd be knitting!

Sophie Blackall's knitter can be seen here (you can click it to enlarge it a bit) sitting between the accordianist and bassist. She sports blue hair and yellow boots. How fun!

Sophie Blackall talks about the poster in this lovely video.

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