Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Meeting my goals?...

Coming up on midweek later tomorrow, so how are my objectives faring?

* Make soap... Have a date for Friday with a Ravelry member who will be coming by to watch. One down!

* Make notebooks of the 2 small needlepoints I finished last year... Not yet.

* Work on the rug... I have done some hooking, albeit not much. Some is better than none!

* Get the 10-dent reed in the loom and begin warping it... YES!! Hurray. When the Harrisville New England Shetland arrived I could see that the recommended dpi of 10- 12 would be best, so I have temporarily set the 8 dent reed aside in it's current state of half clean. I sanded the outside edges of the 10 dent reed and placed it in the loom as is. There is not too much rust inside the reeds so I think it will be OK. Should have the warping done by tomorrow. I'm experimenting with color and patterns.

* Give the bird room a deep cleaning, meaning wiping the walls up higher than I can reach standing on the floor... This is slated for tomorrow afternoon after my cello lesson. Today I cleaned the hall and started on the bedroom.

* Crochet edgings on the coasters I knit this winter... Not yet.

* Sew the small sari-silk square into an eye-glass case... Not yet.

Not bad!

Aren't they pretty:


  1. You did set some lofty goals, Bernard and so glad to see that you're accomplishing them one by one. Has made for a busy week but I'm sure a wonderful break from the "office" ! I think it's great that you can make your own soap. Glad to hear your were able to fit in some rug hooking. Inspiration for me to get at it sometime this summer,.......I hope : ) Loved the photo, good enough to frame. Great contrast between the lightness of the feather and the lines and shades of the background. Curious....what is the background?

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  3. Sorry about that! Linking problems...

    jak, It has been a *wonderful* break! The background in the photo is a corner of my new laptop, believe it or not. Had to get a new one recently (old one was nearing 10 years old, it's screen was going, the mouse pad no longer worked, etc.). You can see the case in the photo at this link....



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