Thursday, June 14, 2012

Stenciling wise...

Today was the first really free day I've had since my vacation started. I had some students on Monday and Tuesday. My own cello lesson was yesterday. An obligation-free day today and it was good.

I got on the step ladder and cleaned up high in the bird room. They were all pretty darned good about it considering I took down one of their favorite "trees" while I cleaned. Most of them decided to skedaddle to the dining room till I was finished. They kept Peaches company. Poor little thing is in the convalescing cage while it's wing heals.

A few months ago I took a rough piece of plywood and made a cover for the sink which is in their room. I covered the wood with contact paper and it looked great--for about 2 days, after which time the paper became more and more tattered. By the beginning of the week most of the paper was gone leaving little more than shreds. I should have known. Something else to chew!

So today I took the plywood cover out back and primed it, painted it and stenciled it. I finished it with 3 light coats of clear finish which will make it easy to clean...

The blue is the same color as the wall with the stenciled wisteria.

I just about finished warping the loom today. All that remains is checking tension on the threads before tying the finishing knots. I would do it now--after writing this up--only it's probably best to wait til I'm rested and fresh. So sometime tomorrow I will start the actual weaving of my twill sampler (with color experimentation)...

Tomorrow is soap making day. Yippee!

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