Monday, June 11, 2012

The wing is not broken....

That's a relief. A big relief. When I checked on the bird this morning, I thought perhaps it wasn't broken because it wasn't simply hanging, sagging from her small fragile body. It was held up--more or less awkwardly, certainly betraying that something was quite wrong. But had it been broken I would have expected to see it hanging limply.

I was able to get a 1 pm appointment with the vet. When the doctor first felt around the area, she thought strongly that it was indeed broken. So X-rays were ordered. Two views were ordered, but poor little Peaches got too stressed by the time the first one was done so the vet decided not to take the second. She could see from the first that there was no fracture. Thank heavens! Sigh of relief.

Peaches needs to take Baytril (antibiotic) for 2 weeks and Metacam (painkiller) for 1 week. She does have a nasty bruise. We suspect it is the result of a bird spat. It's her turn in the convalescing cage, but lucky she, I need to administer these meds just once daily. Orally.

Since the weather was warm I decided to take the subway with her. The hospital cage fits perfectly in one of my "green" shopping bags--the one from Planet In Peril. It saved me a bunch of money, and was faster than cabbing it. It was a revelatory trip. Since I wanted her to be as comfortable as possible, my senses--especially hearing--were heightened. I became acutely aware of every sound around us on our journey along sidewalks--some of them bordered by construction--down subway stairs, in stations, along the Avenues. It brought home to me how awfully, terribly noisy this city is. It is really noisy! Loudly noisy. Uncomfortably noisy!

We did hear some pretty bird songs while strolling through McCarren Park so Peaches did get a little of something saner.

The day ends better than it started. Nice.

I started warping the loom this evening.

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