Friday, November 23, 2012

All wise... a bit of catching up... two

Crochet. I've been making steady progress on the sunflower lap blanket. I really, really like this pattern.

It's quite fun to sit down at the end of a long day and knock off a square. Doesn't take long, maybe half an hour. I only need to make 3 more squares and I'll be ready to connect all together. Being a lap blanket, it isn't very big.

I started this blanky before Harrisville Designs updated their palette and can no longer obtain the blue I began with. So I decided to make half the squares using a new blue and I think it still looks pretty good. However, in order to get a pleasing arrangement of the different shades I need 2 more squares in the original blue--which I can't get--so I've made 2 squares in a completely different shade: a greenish-blue, to fill 2 key positions. I say it still looks pretty good!

Won't be too long before this is finished:


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