Thursday, November 1, 2012

Crochet...digging out a UFO...

I am having a bit of apartment time this week what with the aftermath of Sandy. Although I never lost electricity--internet service was down for one night--the office where I work is not yet fully functional. But I do have a problem getting anywhere... I waited an hour today for a bus that never showed up, and spoke with some people who said wait times were up to 2 hours! That, I suspect, is due to the unbearable traffic on the major thoroughfares. With a large portion of the subway system down, people with cars are clogging the highways.

So I've spent the week here in the apartment. I'm not complaining. Those in lower Manhattan who are without power have it so much worse. Quite a storm, Sandy.

I puttered around the living room this afternoon, straightening up. Organizing my unspun wool--much of it from the Sheep & Wool Festival a few weeks ago--and putting yarn away in paper bags (I've been told moths won't chew through brown paper bags. ?), and generally just trying to make some sense of the disarray that has been occupying the room for some time.

In the process of tidying up I came across some yarn for a lap blanket I started well over 12 months ago and never finished. I think I'll finish it now. It's a lovely pattern of crocheted granny squares in the colors of sunflowers. And they do end up looking like sunflowers:

Speaking of wool from the festival, I started in on some 2 nights ago. Over the course of 2 evenings I spun 130 yards destined for a new weaving project. (I finished a big weaving project earlier this week and will have pics soon, must wait until it reaches it's recipient.) This wool is wonderful to spin because it still contains some lanolin. Not enough to be really greasy, but just enough the make the hands feel all smooth and wonderful:


  1. That's a beautiful yarn from your festival finds, Bernard. Knew you'd be enjoying your forced time at home. Can't wait to see your latest finished weaving project.
    Glad you weathered the storm with few major difficulties.

  2. Thank, jak! :) Pics of the finished weaving soon... our post office's systems are down so there's a bit of a delay.

  3. OK, Bernard. I'll be patient... :)


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