Friday, November 23, 2012

All wise... a bit of catching up... three

Spinning. I've been spinning almost every day for a while now. Late in the evening after the day's chores are done. A wonderful way to unwind. Light a little incense, pour a little wine, spin a little wool, and take a few deep breaths. Ah.

I mentioned wanting to weave another throw. It looks like the palette for this new throw is going to be pretty much as follows, possibly with the addition of a very pale green:

Those are recently finished skeins, except for the ball of Wellington Fibres at the top. I put that in the picture because its yarn is still on the wheel! (see next picture) I should be finished with the Wellington's by the end of the weekend. This gorgeous fiber is a lovely gift from a dear friend in Canada. Much thanks, jak.

I'm pretty sure the new throw will be a plaid, and most probably a twill. I love twill.

I'll be posting updates about this project as it proceeds.

(Just a little post-note: I received word today that my bank is ready to close on my house purchase and we'll be scheduling the closing date on Monday. It's happening! :) )


  1. Great to see the fibre spun, Bernard. You've done a beautiful job. Gotta love those colours!!!!!! I bet a plaid would be perfect for them.

  2. Great news about the house closing!!! Rejoicing here with you!!!!


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