Tuesday, December 4, 2012

'Tis the season...

The holidays are upon us--already! again! I love it. A fun time of year. I'm ringing them in with plenty of weaving, including much hemstitching. Each placemat is hemstiched on both ends as I plod along. I dare say I'm getting kinda good at it--going much quicker now--and I really enjoy the break that the hemstitching brings.

I finished the 4th placemat this morning and started my 5th this evening. There will be 8 in all. The loom sits there so welcoming with this warp on it, beckoning me in my spare moments.

This is what the back of the loom looks like with all my replacements threads resting on top of the back beam when I'm not weaving (I release the tension on the threads when not weaving).

Since it's impossible to replace a warp thread back to the beginning, each replacement needs to be measured out, wound on a spool, and hung with enough weight to match the tension of the other threads. Here is what they look like while I'm weaving, except that in this picture the tension on the warp is slack because I was finished weaving for the while:

I'm celebrating with a real tree again this year. I downsized a bit and I'm simply in love with my 5' tabletop tree. Love it, love it, love it!

Need some special gift for someone? Handmade? Full of warmth, character, and charm? Then by all means visit Handmade By Maegan for sweeeeeet penny rugs and crocheted apparel. You'll be helping young artists while you're at it! (I should disclose that she is my nephew's girlfriend so I'm not totally unbiased in this recommendation! ;) ) See the pretty, pretty penny rug table mat I bought from Handmade by Maegan. It is sweet!!:

I hope this holiday season will bring you peace, love, and happiness in abundance.


  1. Always a pleasure to see those beautiful placemats grow, Bernard.
    Your tree is pretty amazing! So traditional! Wonderful decorations. Any antique ones in your collection?

    1. Thanks, jak. Maybe a few of them are antique, certainly some vintage ones. I'll take a few close ups for a new post.

      (PS, I signed a lot of papers today... it's mine. Yippee! A post on that to come soon. I'm in NH at the moment, posting from my brother's house. :) )

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