Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Lord of the manor...

That's me! Haaaaaaaaaa!

Signed the papers--several of them--last Friday. The house is officially mine. I am a homeowner for the first time in my life... who would have thought!

I really am excited about this. Saw it again Friday morning for a walk-through and my impressions are even better on second sight. My brother and I took a spin over for a drive-by on Sunday and we scouted the neighborhood a little. I'm thrilled. There is lot's of New England charm round about the place. Miniature chapels, old schoolhouses, quaint cafes, artisans, and lots of beautiful scenery. You get the picture. I'll have pics to show as time moves along.

It was also the weekend of our family holiday party. My brother hosts it at his place early in the month to avoid the inevitable scheduling conflicts that arise amongst my siblings (all 8 of them) at this busy time of year--several of whom have their own families. It's a lovely potluck affair. Indulge me a little brag: there are some very good cooks in my family! Yum, yum, yum!

While pausing for a breather early on Saturday afternoon, I took a short walk up the road where I grew up. It was a pleasant, not-too-cold afternoon clad in winter grey. A refreshing and misty grey. The sort of grey which often portends a blanket of white (which I love). There was only a dusting of snow while I was there, but it was enough to stir in me a happiness at the beauty of it all. A misty fog was down for a visit, and oh! it was grand for walking. I didn't go far, just up to where my Mémé's house used to be. The big old house still exists but is no longer in the family. It has been relocated from it's original position to a place a little further from the road and re-oriented just a bit. With it's new color and big barn, it's quite spectacular.

I snapped a few pics while on my walk. Pics of nature...

"Leaning Birches"

"Winter Fog"

"Wanting To Be Close"

"My Brother's House"

"Mémé's Old House"

"Angel's Wings" (I have got to find out what these trees are called so I can get some for my new property! Love 'em!)

"All Decked Out"

"Slight Recollection of Summer"

"Woodpecker Camouflage" (Try as I may, I couldn't get a clear shot of him/her. It's in the red circled area.)


  1. I had the opportunity to visit the relocated homestead of your grandparents ... tell you more about it the next time we visit.


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