Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Cello... an anniversary...

I let November pass without mentioning that it's been 2 years since I started cello. Taking up this gorgeous instrument has been a life-altering experience. One of the best things I've ever done for myself. I liken it to the first time I had a full-body massage. At the time, one of the best things I'd ever done for myself.

Funny thing is I can't remember what prompted me to actually look up a teacher and start lessons! I always wanted to play cello--the sound of the instrument is so beautiful, but why I started when I did? I can't recall. Nope, just don't remember. Maybe it was a whim, spur of the moment decision--they're often the best.

I'm currently working on some dances, a bouree and a gigue, in preparation--I hope--for starting in on one of the Bach cello suites. Oh, I hope so. It's a dream of mine to work on them. They're divine. Many times I put them on while I'm weaving or spinning. Absolute bliss.

On the subject of playing an instrument, piano is going splendidly as well. The cello work--as I've mentioned before--has helped tremendously. At the moment I'm working away at some Scarlatti Sonatas. They look deceptively simple, but they're an absolute bugger!! There's some tough stuff in them. It's been good to work on them.

I'm also taking time for Debussy's Ballade every day. Oh how heavenly!! Sheer delight! I am finding 2 against 5 and 3 against 5 rhythms a challenge, but it's coming along. The sheer beauty of this music is total motivation to keep working at it. Here is a recording by the master interpreter of Debussy, Walter Gieseking:


  1. Happy anniversary! Thanks for sharing the Debussy Ballade ... looking forward to hearing you play it someday. I'm so glad to hear that the paperwork for your new home is completed. You must be so excited about this new venture.

    1. Thanks, crafty! :) I'd love to play the Debussy for you sometime.

      I am very excited with my new venture. Very much looking forward to being moved and settled in. This week I'm studying NY's driving manual so I can go take a written test to obtain my learner's permit. Then I'll take a 5 hour class and 5 hours of road time with an instructor before going for the driving test. Lot's to be done!

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  3. Fun to read about your cello journey! Thanks for the link. Here's to many more years of beautiful cello music in your new home :)


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