Monday, May 5, 2014

Herbs ...

Despite straining a muscle in my lower back, which made it quite difficult to bend or stoop or get down and up again, I managed to put together a little herb garden over the weekend. I'm very pleased with this little circle of culinary candy. (Oh, and my back is better this evening. Whew!)

I have in there some Sweet Majoram, which is my favorite to sniff from a pinch of leaf. Oh swoon! There are 2 types of Thyme, some Oregano, Lemon Balm, and Parsley. I have a chunk of Chives out back and I plan on digging some up to relocate into one of the large beds, along with a clump of Egyptian Onions which are growing down by the cold frame.

Trying to find compost has been impossible, and when I have found some, it's prohibitively expensive. So, I have the wheel barrow and 3 acres of land. Going to dig up some dirt from the previous years' garden and dump it into the beds and augment it with some bagged compost; that will be more affordable. I would have been out there digging over the weekend had it not been for this muscle in my back.

I'm so itching to have the peas planted. As I recall they don't care for warm weather too much.

So many plans... I want to build a couple arbors, one for a Clematis I purchased last week and another to lead into the garden area. 2 bed for annuals in addition to the 2 for vegetables, though I'm sensing that maybe I'll have enough of 1 bed for this year. So many plants to move from other parts of the property. Paths to forge. Yes, it will probably never end and that makes me happy.


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